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Psychology of human

Mental health - never forget about it!

To say that we are fully healthy, it is necessary not only the proper functioning of our body, but also mental health, which is by many people belittling, and yet it turns out that this is an extremely important element of health.

For the first time a comprehensive study on the mental health of Poles was conducted in 2012. It turned out that 9.5 million Poles are dependent on cigarettes, and 12% of us have problems with alcohol, with alcoholics is approx. 600,000. How then it was 2.5 million Poles suffer from various phobias and anxiety, and nearly one million have problems with affective disorders, such as depression, dysthymia, mania.

According to data from 2016 up to 5% of Poles have disturbances against workaholism, is so insecure that our countrymen do not view this issue in terms of the problem, on the contrary they consider them to be a source of pride, see it for the hard work and commitment to duties.