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Diet for health

The principles of a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a guarantee long years of life and prevention of many diseases. Nourishing healthy we have a chance to avoid many diseases, so you should take a look at our menus and adjust it accordingly.



Water and natural juices


The basis of any diet is supplying the body with plenty of fluids. Ideally squeezed juices were alone, and still water.


Fruits and vegetables


Should you find yourself in addition to any meal, or may itself constitute a meal. We should eat them every day.

Always too much salt


Salt contains sodium, which is needed for the functioning of our body, but too much salt can even lead to the emergence of hypertension.


Avoid fats


Fatty food increases our cholesterol and harmful to the liver, today we eat far more fat than our body's needs, which is why it is important to mitigate those risks.

What matters is not only the quality

Important for a proper diet is also eating regularly, we should eat at least three times a day, the best option is five meals a day.