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Domestic violence spillover in the workplace is alarmingly pervasive. 

When domestic violence follows an employee to work, the safety of your workplace is jeopardized.  In a national survey, 94% of corporate security directors rank domestic violence as a high security risk at work.
Domestic violence in the workplace is expensive. 


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Addressing financial loss & employer liability are the primary impetus’ that motivate businesses to intervene.  Assisting your employees is clearly a sound business decision that creates a safer workplace, which is mandated in many federal and state statutes, while cultivating a company's most valuable asset...your employee base.










     At the American Institute on Domestic  Violence, we help protect your business from     The American Institute on Domestic Violence provides your business with the necessary tools that assist you to mitigate the costly effects of domestic violence spillover in the workplace. 

Our nationally-recognized training workshops thoroughly address the often volatile situations that battered workers present.

“Domestic Violence Targets the Heart of American Business” is a multi-media, state-of-the-art program that has been highlighted by the National Crime Prevention Council as a Best Practice in their publication “50 Strategies to Prevent Violent Domestic Crimes.”  Click here to view the Council’s report on our program.